Regional training for the trafficking victims

A Holistic Approach to Fight Trafficking of Women in Jordan, Egypt and Morocco Project”

Regional training for protection and support service providers organizations for the trafficking victims

Cairo - Egypt 30 - 31 October 2012

The regional coalition against trafficking held a workshop as part of the project “A Holistic Approach to Fight Trafficking of Women in Jordan, Egypt and Morocco “which is being implemented in Jordan led by the Jordanian Women's Union as a regional coordinator for the project, and in Egypt by center of Egyptian Women Legal Aid (CEWLA) and Ummi society, and in Morocco by Union for Women action.

The workshop focused on two main objectives the first was building a referral system between the organizations and the second was to present the project vision for the victims of trafficking and how to deal with them from a human rights perspective.

The workshop was attended by representatives from member organizations of the Collation of Jordan, Egypt and Morocco, in addition to partner organizations with the local Collation in the three countries, in addition to new organizations working in the same field and targeting the victims of trafficking.

The first training was on the concept of trafficking, the leading causes of trafficking in human beings and the implications of human trafficking, indicators of human trafficking, interview strategies, and referral system.

The participants then worked together to determine the technical referral system requirements and agreement on the outlines of which should be available in the referral system at the local and regional levels. The participants agreed on the mechanism of work separately for the local Collation referral preparation system in Nationally and to the communicate through the local coordinators in each country, and the regional coordinator for the hotline Ms. Najeh Al-Zoubi in cooperation the hotline staff in Jordan will also set up a regional referral system in consultation with the partner organizations in Egypt and Morocco.

At the end of the workshop there was an evaluation session to the participants of the workshop and the reviews were positive to the presented training material and the indicators showed that the participants need more theoretical knowledge and practical experience that was provided by the Jordanian Women's Union through the training that was presented by Ms. Nadia Shamroukh.

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