MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL “If we are to be able to address the enormous challenges of the twenty -first century – from climate change to technological disruption - we will need to rely on science and the mobilization of all our resources.
Jordanian Women's Union end the training course for the staff line legal guidance, psychological and social
Training course on the development of perspectives of feminist thought
JWU Discuss the Recommendations of the CEDAW Committee
JWU Organize a dialogue session to discus the Law Drafts
Press conference for the Insan coalition and Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists
General Conference of the Jordanian Women's Union in July 2013
Environment and sustainable development and the role of civil society
"Yes to closing the Zaatari camp and finding a more humane alternatives worthy of the dignity of the Syrians"
Statement issued by the Jordanian Women's Union on the lifting of support on fuel
The strategic planning workshop for regional awareness campaign on a project for the fight against trafficking in women
Strategic Planning Workshop for the awareness campaign for domestic workers' project
Press Release on the bills prohibition of human trafficking and the protection of domestic workers
Press release of the alliance of civil electoral reform
Discuss the shadow report on CEDAW
Meeting of the National Alliance to write a shadow report for the (CEDAW
Women and young people in politics, gender and elections
Press release issued by the Alliance of the report of the shadow of the Committee of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
Regional Conference /Trafficking in Women Project
The Regional Conference for determining the concepts of the rights of domestic workers
JWU Youth Forum
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