Vision and Goals of the JWU 


  • To eliminate all types of discrimination against Jordanian women


  • To emphasize the role of Jordanian women in society and to empower them to practice their rights on the basis of equality, justice, and respect


  • To raise Jordanian women’s awareness of their role in society and to strengthen their participation in all fields of society


  • To enhance and encourage Jordanian women’s participation in public life


  • To eliminate legal, cultural, and political illiteracy among Jordanian women


  • To eliminate all legal, economic, social, and cultural barriers against women, in accordance with the human rights conventions signed by the Jordanian government


  • To promote human rights, in general, and women’s and children’s rights, in particular


  • To network and cooperate with other Arab women’s organizations, with a specific focus on the rights of Palestinian and Arab women


  • To establish and maintain solidarity with international women’s rights movements



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