The Children Guesthouse



The Children’s Guesthouse was established in 1996.It provides a comfortable, relaxed, and non-confrontational environment where, in compliance with a court order, separated/divorced parents can spend time with their children.  It also provides advice and guidance to separated/divorced parents on how to resolve their interpersonal conflicts.



The JWU’s committee for children’s rights was established in 1994, with the aim of upholding the international convention on children’s rights.

The committee documents cases and collects photos relevant to violations of children’s rights. It also carries out research and collects data on children’s lives in general.

The Children’s Guesthouse project commenced in August 1996 with the support of the Arab Gulf Program, which provided financing for the first 6 months of the project. Consequently, the JWU was able to establish a place in Amman where children and their parents could meet in a healthy, family-like atmosphere.


The Aims of the Children Guesthouse

  • To provide divorced couples a with fully equipped, family-like environment in which to meet their children, instead of in the emotionally charged atmosphere of  a police station
  • To provide divorced couples with advice and guidance on how to reach common ground and solve day-to-day problems
  • To help children accept their new situation and to deal with it in a rational manner
  • To reunite families, when possible, through proper counselling

The Main Achievement

The Children’s Guesthouse provides a well equipped play area in which children in crisis can relax and play, and in which specialists are available to help them overcome their fear and anxiety.

The Children’s Guesthouse project has been successful in bringing many divorced couples back together; reconciliation has occurred in 20% of the cases.  However, divorce rates in Jordan continue to climb, and from 2005 to 2009, divorce rates increased by more than 50%.1

Divorce leaves behind many children with an uncertain future.  In order to provide services for as many families of divorce as possible, the JWU needs to expand the Children’s Guesthouses in Amman and in its branch locations.

 1 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Department of Statistics (DOS)  October 23, 2011).




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