Legal Awareness Programs



The objective of the Legal Literacy Courses (LLC) is to present women with information on their human rights, how these rights are applied in Jordanian law, what mechanisms exist to protect these rights and how to access these mechanisms when their rights have been violated.


The courses will emphasize a practical understanding of human rights and protection mechanisms as well as how to incorporate these rights into daily life.  Women participants will analyze the implication of exercising their rights on their own lives, their children's lives, and the daily practices of the household and community. The courses will encourage women to participate in the political life of their communities to ensure that community actions are consistent with human rights principles.

Each lecture will discuss a specific law or policy concerning women's rights – with special attention to articles that are related to the daily events of a women's life and domestic violence (Family Law, Nationality Law, Penal Law, and Labour Law), as well as policies and rights protection mechanisms (Violence against women, regional and international conventions such as CEDAW), and the responsibilities of authority figures and institutions regarding women's rights.  Specific content will be determined during the preparatory sessions and will reflect the most current changes and interpretations.  All lectures, from 1 to 4 hours in duration, will include a theoretical component, case studies, and practical applications, with a strong interactive component.  Lectures will also include descriptions on social and legal support services and how women can access these services. 

By having knowledge of their rights – and the limitations placed upon their rights – women can participate in discussions on legal change and the reformation of inequitable articles in the Jordanian legal system.  Through discussion with women participants on the specific articles that have the greatest impact on their lives, JWU can plan lobby and advocacy activities based on the needs and priorities of women.


Finally, in addition to education and discussion, the courses provide an opportunity for the JWU to inform women on the legal and social services available to them from JWU, other NGOs, and the government.  Information on the JWU Hotline and other services will be disseminated in order to provide women with an understanding of how and when to access support services during incidents of abuse and violation of their rights.





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