Health program

Objective –


 provide medical and clinical services for vulnerable and abused women; and to increase women's knowledge of reproductive and women's health issues through training courses;


The doctor and psychiatrist are available to directly (direct relationship with patient) or indirectly (provide assistance to hotline and shelter staff) support vulnerable and abused women through the Hotline and Shelter Programme.


The staff of the Women's Health Centre support the Hotline and Shelter through providing consultations for staff on current cases, and providing direct services for women and children requiring immediate medical intervention.  Constant communication is maintained between the Women's Health Centre and all of the JWU's Hotline services.



Women and children requiring medical services are registered by the Women's Health Centre, and all patients are accompanied by the psychologist to provide support and to identify symptoms of psychological trauma.



The Women's Health Centre is originally opened for 10 hours a day, six days a week.  The general practitioner, nurse, and gynaecologist are on call for an overlapping period, with the gynaecologist working alternating morning and afternoon shifts, and the general practitioner and nurse working the full day.




The Centre has basic medicines on hand, but issue prescriptions in most cases.   the Centre will provide the necessary treatment free of charge.



Results –



Result :

vulnerable and abused women and children receive medical and clinical support through the Hotline and Shelter Programme;

Activity 2

Provide training courses for  women at the JWU branch offices on preventative women's health;


The doctor and nurse  design and provide training courses for women at the JWU branch offices on preventative women's health practices, including self-examination techniques for breast cancer, and medical support on reproductive health issues.


A register is kept of all participants, so follow-ups can be implemented at later dates.


Each course consists of a 5 hour interactive workshop for 20 women at each branch office. 



Women participants are chosen according to their need as well as their ability to communicate their knowledge to other members of the community.


Women that are identified as being particularly at risk of breast cancer will be referred to the King Hussain Cancer Foundation for mammograms.



 Result  –

women receive preventative medical support on women's health issues such as breast cancer;


Activity 2.2

  Provide breast cancer screenings (mammograms) at the Women's Health Centre in Amman;



women referred by the JWU's branch offices are brought to Amman to be screened for breast cancer (mammogram).

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