The Jordanian Women’s Union




The Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU), headquartered in Amman, is a non-governmental, democratically elected organization that is committed to improving the status of women.  It is one of the most prominent and influential women’s organizations in the Arab world and has established strong networks with women’s movements, both nationally and internationally.

The JWU was established in 1945.  In 1957, martial law was declared in Jordan and all non-government
al organizations were dissolved.  Thus, the JWU was forced to disband.  In 1974, the organization re-emerged as the Women’s Union of Jordan and continued its activities until 1981 when, once again, it was compelled to discontinue its operations.  With the democratization of Jordan’s parliament in 1990, the Women’s Union of Jordan again resumed operation.  In 1994, it adopted its present name, the Jordanian Women’s Union.

Since that time, the JWU has gained momentum in realizing its own objectives and in implementing its own agenda. It has increased its number of branches, expanded its scope of activities, and partnered with other women’s movements within the Arab world.   It has done so with a view to responding to the needs of Arab women at risk of gender-based violence, gender-based inequality, and other human rights violations.

The JWU’s vision is to achieve equal rights, within all sectors of society, for women and all marginalized groups.However, for this vision to be fully realized there must first be a real civil society.








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