المطبخ 11

Productive projects (empowerment projects)

Since the establishment of the abused women’s shelter in 1999, and as most of the abused women lack financial and economic independence, and because of the absence of social and economic protection for this group, we have decided to get assisted by some programs which are capable of rehabilitating women residing in the Shelter or women who get benefit from the legal, social, and psychological counseling program.

These programs aim to:

  • Train women to acquire a profession that qualifies them to access the labor market.
  • Integrate abused women through training programs.
  • Get a financial return.

Programs designed for this purpose:

1-      The Productive Kitchen:

It is the kitchen that was opened in order to provide food supplies for the women residing in the Shelter and their children, and it offers meals for the women.

Objectives of the Productive Kitchen:

  • Offering food for the residing women.
  • Training women who wish to learn the basics of cooking properly.
  • Providing temporary job opportunities for the trained women inside the kitchen.

2-      Beauty Salon:

It is one of the rehabilitation programs and psychological and financial support for the women residing in the Shelter or women who get benefit from the counseling program. It also attracts girls who have dropped out of schools in order to train them and try to get them back to school.

Objectives of the Beauty Salon:

  • The program trains women who wish to acquire this profession.
  • During the training, women receive awareness-raising lectures about their rights.
  • The program seeks to provide job opportunities for women after training.
  • The program provides its services to female members of the Jordanian Women's Union as well as to female employees for a nominal fee that contributes to the program's support and continuity.


3-      Tailoring and Heritage Center:

It is one of the training programs that seeks to qualify women to acquire a profession that enables them to access the labor market. It also aims to preserve heritage by returning to the ancient heritage and reproducing it.

Objectives of the Tailoring and Heritage Center:

  • Training women to acquire the skills of the sewing profession.
  • Training women to embroider the traditional way.
  • Holding awareness-raising sessions for women, delivered by female specialists and lecturers who are present at the Union's various branches.