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A leading Arab feminist organization ... Founded by pioneering women since the 1945s

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Who We Are

A pioneering Arab feminist organization... It was founded on the initiative of pioneering women since the forties of the last century to be a cultural and social institution... So it turned into a feminist institution concerned with women's issues.

Emily Bisharat was the pioneer and inspirer of a long road that was surrounded by a lot of social injustice and patriarchal patriarchy, from closure to closure to changing the names of the organization.



Children's Hospitality House, Reproductive Health Clinics, Documentation Center, Women's Shelter, Hotline Program.



 Increasing access to psychosocial support services for Syrian refugees and the host community, Gender Equality, The productive kitchen, Beauty salon, Tailoring and Heritage Center.

My Story
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I am a mother of three and I am 44 years old. I chose to marry my husband even though my family was against it. Over the course of several years, I suffered from poverty, extreme neglect and abuse that made my life unbearable.
Latest News
مؤتمر التحالف الخاص بقانون الجنسية
Within the activities of the gender-based violence prevention project, a committee of experts in the field of protection from violence and legal experts
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Jordanian Women’s Union strongly condemns and criticizes the United Nations and the

Events & Activities
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Within the activities of the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project, the Jordanian Women’s Union Association in all its branches holds several lectures related to raising awareness on

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