مشاريع إنتاجية

Local alliances


Nationality Law Alliance

For years, the Jordanian Women's Union has been pursuing a policy of reforming discriminatory legislation in order to combat violence against women within the legal framework, and this will be reflected in changing the mentalities of society that lead to that reform and to achieve gender equality.

Where the Nationality Law is a legislation that discriminates against women, the Jordanian also considers a child born to a Jordanian father and prevents a woman from transferring her nationality to her husband or children clearly discriminatory, the Nationality Law also includes more discrimination and violence against women in relation to the exercise of other rights such as the right to choose a life partner freely Given his nationality, for example, it also conflicts with the government's obligation under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

The association aims to form an alliance to advocate for legal reform of the nationality law, based on the draft prepared by the legal committee of the Jordanian Women’s Union Association after reviewing the law and identifying the gaps and discriminatory aspects that fit with the association’s vision for discussion and drafting the memorandum that includes the amendments by the National Alliance Then it was presented to Parliament.


A coalition of civil society organizations has been formed since the beginning of 2020, where 4 meetings were held in the presence of representatives from 15 civil society organizations and activists in the field of human rights and the legal committee of the Jordanian Women's Union Association. During the meetings, the law was presented, legislation was reviewed and the required amendments were approved and Prepare the note.
A legal expert has prepared a policy paper explaining the reason behind the amendments, in addition to highlighting the real testimonies of Jordanian women who suffer from this law.


 Crime Prevention Law Coalition 

 Many laws in Jordan are still discriminatory against women, including the Crime Prevention Law. The governor of each governorate has the power to arrest anyone suspected of a potential crime.

This law allows detention by simple administrative procedure without the need to prove that a crime has been committed. Where governors imprison crime victims rather than perpetrators. Some women threatened with domestic violence have spent many years in administrative detention allegedly to protect them.

Accordingly, the Jordanian Women’s Union aims to amend the crime prevention law, and because the association aims to change for the benefit of women, the family and society in general, this recommendation has been expanded by our partners, it has formed an alliance with other relevant local community organizations in Jordan with the aim of gaining support and advocacy And based on the draft prepared by the Legal Committee of the Jordanian Women’s Union Association after reviewing the law and identifying the gaps and discriminatory aspects that are in line with the association’s vision to discuss the crime prevention law, the coalition will prepare a memorandum containing the necessary amendments, and then present it to the House of Representatives.

The coalition was formed at the beginning of 2020. It held two meetings in the presence of 24 local community organizations, in addition to human rights activists and members of the legal committee of the Jordanian Women's Union.
Forming a committee to draft a memorandum containing the reasons to demand the repeal of the Crime Prevention Law and to submit recommendations related to the procedures and powers required to the competent authorities as well as the administrative governor under other legislation in accordance with the constitutional rights to fair and fair trials and protection from criminal act
A meeting of coalition members to present the memorandum submitted by the committee to advocate for the changes that have been formulated.

Penal Code Alliance

The Jordanian Women's Union Association aims to combat all forms of violence. One of the policies pursued by the association is to reform legislation. Among these legislations is the Penal Code. Since its adoption in 1960 and until 2019, positive amendments have been made to it, but the law, despite the repeated amendments, still has a philosophy that falls short of recognizing forms of violence against women, specifically sexual violence, and its policy of punishing and achieving justice for victims is still deficient. .

the importance of the Penal Code in achieving protection for women and enabling them to access justice and redress as one of the elements of the state's commitment to human rights principles; The Legal Committee of the Jordanian Women’s Union has studied all the articles of this law with a focus on articles related to sexual violence in order to shed light on one of the most unrecognized forms of violence, to prepare amendments that are in line with the international human rights framework and based on the information and data provided by The study conducted by the Jordanian Women's Union Association "Sexual violence against women in Jordan and women's withdrawal from work"

Where the union formed a local coalition of like-minded local community organizations, to ensure that the coalition advocated for change from the same perspective for a comprehensive study of the penal law, especially articles related to sexual assault.


The coalition was formed during 2020, and two meetings were held in the presence of representatives from 13 local community organizations to work on amending the Penal Code.
A committee composed of legal experts worked on preparing a memorandum to amend the Penal Code. This committee, which was assigned by the coalition, prepared the memorandum that includes amendments to the Penal Code in a comprehensive way and worked to respond to sexual violence and crimes related to domestic violence (within family and family relations).