بوستر المرأة وحقوق المجتمع

Funding projects


Project name: Increasing access to psychosocial support services for Syrian refugees and the host community.

Funding entity: UN Women

Target areas:

Deir Alla
Al-Baqa'a camp - a shelter for battered women in Amman
Project duration: 6/7/2020- 25/12/2021


Activity 1: Supporting and strengthening the safe spaces in the branches of the Jordanian Women's Union in the locations: Salt, Madaba, Deir Alla, Zarqa, Baqa'a camp, to increase the access of survivors of violence to the available protection services and to receive Syrian refugees and refugees.


 Activity 1.1: Providing protection services to Jordanian women and Syrian refugees through the legal, psychological and social guidance line program in the association's branches in Salt, Madaba, Deirala, Zarqa, and Baqa'a camp.


Activity 2: Providing shelter services for women victims and survivors of gender-based violence through supporting the battered women’s shelter in the Jordanian Women’s Union


Activity 2.1: Strengthening safety measures inside the shelter in response to COVID-19 by providing public safety measures, protection measures and providing COVID-19 tests for new residents and workers working with them in the shelter and the association’s staff.



Project name: Gender Equality and includes 4 topics:

Funding entity:

KVINFO is the Danish center for research and information on gender, equality and diversity
 Kvinna till Kvinna Swedish Woman for Woman Organization
Swedish development partner IM

Target areas:

Amman Governorate: (Amman, Al-Hussein camp, Al-Wihdat camp.)
Al-Balqa Governorate: Deirala, Salt, Fuheis, Baqa'a
Mafraq Governorate: Khalidiya
Karak Governorate
Ajloun Governorate
Irbid Governorate: (Irbid, Ramtha)
Zarqa Governorate
Madaba Governorate
Project Duration: 1/1/2021 - 31/12/2021

The first axis: equal political participation between men and women.


A study on women's participation in political life and the obstacles they face.
Conference to launch the results of the study of women's participation in political life.
Training women on who, how and why elected
The second axis: legislative reform and equality in the distribution of resources between men and women


A workshop for the Legal Committee of the Jordanian Women's Union Association to discuss the draft family law.
Presentation and discussion of family law with civil society organizations.
Training for legal committee and activists on analysis of current legislation.
Promoting family law for parliamentarians, judges and parties.
A conference of the civil society coalition to support and promote the Nationality Law.
Legal literacy courses.
Study on crime prevention law
 A workshop to present the study of the crime prevention law for governors.
Workshop to present the study of the crime prevention law for civil society organizations.
Third Axis: Prevention of Gender-Based Violence and Protection of Victims


A workshop for the employees of the Jordanian Women's Union Association to review and reform the procedures of the internal legal, psychological and social guidance line and shelter, and to discuss the gaps in the national efforts.
Workshop with NGOs to identify gaps in national efforts to provide protection services (particularly shelter support services) and create a coalition to amend national shelter regulations.
Amending shelter systems through a committee of experts in the field of protection from violence and legal experts.
Workshop to review domestic violence procedures with the Ministry of Social Development.
Workshop to review anti-trafficking procedures with the Ministry of Social Development.
Training women on protection mechanisms from gender-based violence.
The fourth axis: sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Training the staff of the Jordanian Women's Union Association on how to train women and girls on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse
 Training adolescent girls, girls and women to face sexual assault